Own an apartment in Sharjah

  • Own an apartment in Sharjah


    14، January 2021

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      Other، Sharjah

    The building is a ground floor+5 recurring
    Each floor has 20 units except the ground floor only 17 units
    The units are fully furnished
    Services: -
    Art Studio Music Hall Library
    Theatre*Public Events Hall
    *Food & Drinking Services
    Running track, swimming pools, gym.
    Laundry rooms, TV rooms.
    - Free ownership of all Arab nationalities.
    100 years of benefit of any other nationality.
    The client can sell his unit at any time.
    10% return on investment guaranteed for 5 years
    - delivery date of Nest 2021 compound
    - The customer will collect the return after receipt through quarterly cheques.
    Prices start from AED 314,000 with an area of 314 feet
    2 rooms and lounge area of 522 feet
    For AED 495900
    For Enquiry Mobile + WhatsApp 00971543771951Show Number